Thursday, October 30

Finish FA7; tie up loose ends

You will have the hour to complete FA7.  When it is done you are to email it to me - it has been a while since you emailed an assignment to me so make sure that you include the 5 parts to an email when you send me your assignment.

Once you get FA7 done you have several options:

  • any missing assignment from class (new missing assignment sheets are posted on the west wall)
  • post definitions on the wikispaces page 
  • work on and complete the crossword
If you have all of these done you can go to the practice websites.

Wednesday, October 29


**REMINDER** Crossword puzzle is due Friday - make sure you are working on it outside of class so that you can hand it in on Friday.

Today we will be working on FA7.  In this formatting activity you will be creating two lists of information.  When using Word there are two ways you can format lists - either as a bulleted list (using bullets) or as a numbered list (using numbers).

Each type of list has its own characteristics and reasons for being used.  Normally a numbered list is used when you want to write a list of items in rank order.  In other words, the item listed next to #1 is the most important or number 1 ranked item, the item listed next to #2 is the second ranked item, and so on.

With a bulleted list you are listing items that do not need to be ranked.  For example, you might create a grocery list, and the items you put on the list would only need to be listed - it wouldn't really matter in which order they are listed.

Activity 7.pdf

Tuesday, October 28

Modifying your blog

Today I am going to show you how you can modify your blog.  There are a variety of ways that you can change your blog to personalize it - you shouldn't have any problem, after today, creating a blog that you feel is representative of what you like or representative of what your theme would be if this were something we were doing for a permanent situation.

As a reminder remember that the crossword puzzle is due Friday - if you are done you can hand it in early.

Monday, October 27

Crossword puzzle 1-6; Create a blog

I will be handing out crossword puzzle 1-6 - it is a review of all words on lists 1 through 6 and is due Friday.  As usual, if you get it done before Friday you are welcome to turn it in early.

Today we are going to begin creating your blog.  We will need to go to Blogger's website -  This is going to allow you to be creative to a certain degree, and we will also have some assignments that will be required to be posted to your blog.  Since we are doing this at school you will have a few rules you will have to follow:
  • Your blog will need to be school appropriate at all times
  • There will be no games on your blog
  • You will open your blog (or be on your blog) ONLY when you are told to.  You will not be on your blog during class changing designs or posting information (or for any other reason) without permission
  • You are responsible for EVERYTHING that is on your blog, so be careful with what you do
  • Once the semester is over you can do with your blog what you want.  You are the owner/creator, so you have full power to use it as you wish (continue to use it for whatever purpose or completely delete the blog)

Friday, October 24

Vocab quiz #6; finish FA6; bracket competition?

You will have a few minutes at the beginning of the hour to review; I'll let you know when it's time to go to Classmarker to take the quiz.

When you get done with the quiz you need to finish FA6 and hand it in.

If you are done with FA6 and the person you are to compete against is done with FA6 you will have a race on the Typeracer website.  It is not a guarantee that all people will be competing in Typeracer today.

If you have completed everything you can bring something to work on from another class, read, or play on the practice websites.

Thursday, October 23

Spam video; finish FA6

We will begin today with watching a video on what Spam is, then also going over a couple of the other vocab words (HTTP, phishing, and emoticon).  Here is the spam video:


After the video and our short discussion on the other vocab words you'll have the rest of the hour to complete FA6.  Make sure to follow all of the instructions.

Once you complete FA6 you'll need to go to the practice websites.  If we are able we will continue our bracket competition - this will obviously be dependent upon both opponents having completed FA6.

Wednesday, October 22

RSS video; FA6

Today we will start by watching the following video on what RSS is.  After completing that video we will begin learning about inserting symbols into a document, and then complete FA6.


Activity 6.docx

Sunday, October 19

FA5 completion

This is a vocab week, so if you have definitions to post on the Wiki spaces page you will need to get that done by tomorrow night.  Remember that tomorrow is a half day of school, so getting that done tonight may be to your advantage.

Some people were unable to complete FA5 on Friday, so if you are one of those people you will have time today in class to get that done.  As a reminder make sure that you have your speed skin on your keyboard while you are working.  This formatting activity should be printed and signed before you hand it in.

Once you have completed FA5 you need to complete the green handout that has the drills we type in Excel.  You need to complete all 6 drills in Excel just as we have done in the past.  Once you have completed all of the drills then you can go to the Free Typing Games website and complete at least 3 of the speed tests - today you should use the #26 or #27 classic tales as your speed test.  When you complete the speed test write your score on the poster sheet on the wall next to your name (Sharpies are on my desk).

When you get done with the speed tests there is a handout on my desk that you need to type in Microsoft Word.  This is for practice but you should try to get as much done as you can.

Thursday, October 16


Today we are going to start working on FA5, which is technically called a letter in modified block format.  I am going to explain the finer details of the letter in class first, then you'll be on your own to complete the letter.  This will be due at the end of class on Friday.

A couple of reminders...the crossword puzzle is due tomorrow.  If you are done now you can hand it in today, but it must be handed in no later than tomorrow to earn full credit.  Also, as you know we don't have a vocab quiz this week, but if you have vocab definitions for Week 6 you only have until next Tuesday to get those posted on the Wiki page.

Activity 5.doc

Wednesday, October 15

Keypad numbers

We will start today with a review of the numbers that we learned yesterday.  After reviewing we will add in the other numbers of the keypad by using two additional handouts.

If there is time we will continue with the speed tournament.  Some people have already been eliminated, and other people are at a point where they have to wait for someone else to get done before they can compete.  Therefore, just like last time not everyone will be competing today.