Wednesday, April 23

Finish FA7; vocab definition reminder

Today you will have the hour to complete FA7.  Make sure to follow the instructions correctly as you complete the assignment.

I also wanted to remind you to post your definitions (if you have any) on the wikispaces page for Week 9 or Week 10.  Week 9 definitions are not due until next Tuesday (Apr. 29) and week 10 definitions are not due until the following Tuesday - May 6.

If you complete the formatting activity in class today and you have a missing assignment you need to get your missing work done and handed in for a grade.  If you are all done with everything you may go to the practice websites.

Tuesday, April 22

Learning to create a bulleted and numbered list - FA7

Today I am going to show you how you can use Word to create a bulleted list and a numbered list.  Usually, a numbered list is created to show rank (such as your favorite athlete, second favorite athlete, and so on) while a bulleted list is used to show a list that has no rank (a shopping list would be an example).  These are fairly easy to create, modify, and format so I'll show you how you can do that today before starting on your next Formatting Activity.

Again, I want to remind those of you who have vocabulary words to define to get those completed as soon as you can.  If you want to come in here before school or during lunch recess to do that you are welcome - just let me know.

Activity 7.pdf

Monday, April 21

Spring Break reflection

Today you are going to create a blog post on your blog about your spring break.  However, we are going to do more than just write about what you did - you will also be writing about what you would like to do in the future.

The first paragraph will explain what you did over spring break.  The second paragraph will be an explanation of what you see yourself doing 25 years from now with your family.  In this second paragraph imagine that you are able to take your family of kids and a spouse somewhere within reason.  That means that you're not going somewhere and spending tens of thousands of dollars on a trip - as I said make it within reason.  Use details to explain where you plan on going, what you plan on doing, and why you want to go there.

Both paragraphs will use the same writing expectations that you have in Language Arts - an introductory sentence, three supporting sentences of details and explanations, and a closing sentence.  When you are done you will email to me your URL (copy and paste it into the body of your message).  Also remember to include the 5 parts of an email when you email me.  This is due by the end of the hour.

If you finish that during class you can work on any missing assignment you have.  If you don't have any missing assignments choose a practice website to go to and practice - with your speed skin on!

Friday, April 11

Vocab quiz #8; Word-it puzzles

Today we are going to review for the vocab quiz (as normal) at the beginning of the hour.  I do have 2 more things I want to cover regarding the vocab list so I'll talk about those at the beginning of the hour.  When I am done you'll then have time to look over the definitions.

Once you are done with the quiz you should complete any missing assignments that you have not yet turned in.  This is the second day in a row that you have had class time to complete missing assignments, which is really more than I should be giving you.  Please use this time appropriately.

If you are all caught up with assignments I have a handout of Word-it puzzles that you can work on (nothing for a grade - just for fun).

Thursday, April 10

Vocab video; complete FA6; missing work?; Alice

Here is another video for this week's vocabulary:



If you have not yet finished FA6 you will have class time to get that done.  If you are done then you need to finish any missing work that you don't have turned in.  I have not yet graded FA5 so if you did not complete it you need to get it turned in ASAP.  If you don't have any missing work then you need to complete the Alice tutorial from Monday - here is the website again:

Tomorrow is obviously the last day before Spring Break and our vocab quiz over Technical terms - let's make sure to end the week on a good note and go into Spring Break with a good feeling!

Wednesday, April 9

Video; FA6 (symbols in Word)

Here is today's video on Cache memory:


After watching the video we will discuss how you can insert symbols into a Word document.  Then you will be given time today to work on FA6, which will be due tomorrow.  SPEED SKIN ON YOUR KEYBOARD!

If you get done with FA6 and you did not complete the Alice tutorial from Monday now would be a good time to continue to work on it and get it done.

If you are done with the Alice tutorial you will need to go to the practice websites.

Tuesday, April 8

Vocab definitions due; Alice; missing work

A reminder to those who have vocab definitions due for week 8 - those need to be completed on the Wiki spaces page by tonight.


For those students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hours you will need to finish FA5 during class today.  When you are done it should be printed, signed, and then handed in.  

If you complete FA5, or you are already done with FA5, you need to then work on the tutorial in Alice - it can be located here:

To open Alice, go to your Finder menu (that's the square "smiley face" on the dock).  Click on Applications, then find a folder labeled "Alice3".  Open that folder and inside you will find an icon of Alice - double click on it to open the program.

If you complete the Alice tutorial then you can either work on a missing assignment for Computer Applications, or on the practice websites located on the blog.  

Monday, April 7

Finish FA5; Alice tutorial - Witch; vocab week #8

Today you need to finish FA5 and hand it in - it is due before the end of the hour.  The instructions are still on last Friday's blog post if you need them.

Once you get done with FA5 you need to complete the Alice tutorial at the following website.  You should have already worked in Alice, but it's been quite a while.  Therefore, go to the following website and complete the tutorial - this will help you in re-learning how Alice works.

As a reminder, there is a vocab list week, and it is list #8 - Technical.  We have a couple videos to watch on this subject this week - below is the first one.


Friday, April 4

Vocab quiz #7; Formatting activity #5

We have vocab quiz #7 that we will be taking after using the first few minutes of class to review.  

Once you are done with the quiz you need to start working on Formatting Activity #5.  This actually comes in the form of a handout - it will not be embedded on the blog.  FA5 will be due by the end of the hour on Monday, so you will have time today and Monday to work on this assignment.

Thursday, April 3

HTML, ISP, and IP addresses;

We are going to discuss the difference between ISP and IP addresses first, then we will look at what HTML is.

After covering those vocab words you will have the rest of the hour to work on any assignment that needs to be completed - whether it is for Computer Apps or for another class does not matter.  I'll even give you the option to post your vocab definitions today during class if you didn't get that done.  You will be busy the entire hour.  If you want to play the practice games from the practice websites on the blog that would be great!  But, you'll have to do it with your speed skin on your keyboard.