Wednesday, December 17

Make-up day! Everything due by the end of the day today!

If you have anything missing it will need to be turned in today by the end of the day.  My suggestion is to double check all of your quiz grades and make sure you aren't missing any of those; I would also suggest looking to see if you are missing the Thanksgiving blog post (if this is missing send me an email with a link to your blog).  Lastly, the crossword puzzles are probably the next easiest to complete.  I mention those because they are easy to complete and should give you some quick points.

Beyond those two assignments if you have missing formatting activities that are partially completed you could take time today to get more of it done and then hand it in at the end of the hour.  Remember...some points is better than no points!

Tomorrow and Friday we will finish our bracket challenge!  If you are in first, second, or third hours I will not be here and the sub will be guiding you through the bracket competition.

Tuesday, December 16

Pizza menu due!

The pizza menu is due today!  However, as I mentioned yesterday, you could still turn it in tomorrow, you just won't earn full credit.

Additionally, if you have any missing assignments you have to have those turned in tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow and Friday we'll complete the bracket challenge - if you're still alive in the tournament bring it on!!!

Monday, December 15

Pizza menu

You'll have the entire hour today and tomorrow to work on your pizza menu.  At this point you should be nearly done with the inside of the menu and preparing to get started on the outside front and back panels.  I think the outside could easily be completed in one day (tomorrow), but it's always best to leave yourself a little bit of extra time in case something comes up.  This is due at the end of your hour on Tuesday, but could be turned in on Wednesday if needed.

If you feel you won't have enough time to get done with the 3 class periods left (Monday - Wednesday) then I would highly recommend you either come in during a time here at school that will work for you (before school, lunch recess, etc.), or you save the pizza menu to your Google drive and you work on it at home.

There is a new posting of missing assignments on the wall.  Remember, if you have anything missing that you want to turn in it must be turned in no later than Wednesday, Dec. 17th!!  I will not be accepting any assignments after that date.

Friday, December 12

Vocab Quiz #10 - the last one!; Pizza menu design work

Today is the last of the vocab quizzes!  As usual you will be given time at the beginning of class to study - do not go to Classmarker until I tell you to do so.

As soon as you complete the quiz you may continue your work on the pizza menu.

Thursday, December 11

Flash video; pizza menu

Today we will watch the last video related to our vocab lists.  This, in my opinion, is the coolest of all of the videos we have watched!  It is amazing to see what you can do with this software!

In addition to watching the video I will be showing you how to add the text box borders that are talked about in step 10 on page 2.  The text box/borders are only needed for the inside of the menu - they should surround the 8 different categories on the menu (it acts as a good way to visually separate the 8 different categories).

Wednesday, December 10

Photoshop video; begin pizza menu

The video we are going to watch today will help you to understand a little more about an amazing piece of software called Photoshop.  This is used in many different graphic design careers, and it is easily the most dynamic image editing software on the market. Since we don't use Photoshop it is a little more difficult to understand just exactly how it's used, but again, for what you need to know, just understand that it's purpose is to manipulate images in a wide variety of ways.  The video will talk about Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw as these are additional parts of Photoshop - you will not need to know about these things.  

After watching the video you'll have time to work on your pizza menu.  I told you yesterday that I would cover some additional information today...I'll save that for tomorrow and explain it then (you wouldn't have gotten to that part today anyway).  When you are entering your information your speed skin should be on your keyboard.

Tuesday, December 9

JPG and GIF video; Pizza menu handout; schedule

Today's video will explain the difference between what a JPG and a GIF file are.  I've already said in class a couple of times what a JPG is, but you may have forgotten.

Here is what the schedule for the rest of this week and next week looks like:

Tues. Dec. 9 - video; introduce Pizza Menu assignment; handout pizza menu instructions
Wed. Dec. 10 - video; Pizza menu assignment
Thurs. Dec. 11 - video; Pizza menu assignment (Mr. Pardoe gone 1st hour)
Fri. Dec. 12 - Vocab Quiz #10; Pizza menu assignment
Mon. Dec. 15 - Pizza Menu assignment
Tues. Dec. 16 - PIZZA ASSIGNMENT DUE!!!!
Dec. 18 - Games???  Movie???
Dec. 19 - Games???  Movie???

Monday, December 8

Vocab week #10 (Java video); Practice and timed writing

This is the last week of vocab (try to contain your excitement), so for anyone who is responsible for this week's vocab definitions they need to be completed by tomorrow night. We'll begin today with the following video on Java:

After watching the video we are going to go to one of the practice websites and practice.  Then, we'll take another speed test today to see how you are doing speed-wise.  At this point many of you will notice that you are reaching the apex of your ability - in other words you'll probably recognize that it is getting more difficult to improve your speed.  That's normal.  In fact, at this point, any improvement will likely be small (in other words if your speed does improve it may only be by one or two words per minute).  Complete 3 of the timed writings and write your best one on the sheet on the wall.

Friday, December 5

Vocab Quiz #9; finish FA12

You will be given several minutes at the beginning of class to review for the vocab quiz.  Please do not go to Classmarker until I tell you do so.

After the quiz you will have the rest of the hour to complete, print out, and hand in FA12.  Please make sure to staple all of the pages together before you hand them in.  When you do finish you should have 4 pages total...if you have less or more it is likely that you didn't do something correct.  In other words, if you don't have 4 pages you may want to take a close look at what you might have done wrong.

Thursday, December 4

MP3 vs. MPEG vs. WAV; complete FA12

Today we are going to discuss the differences between MP3, MPEG, and WAV files.  We'll start that by watching a video on what a WAV file is:

After discussing those items you will have the rest of the time to complete FA12.  If you get done you can go to the practice websites.