Thursday, May 22

Pizza Menu

You will be given all day today and tomorrow to submit the Pizza Menu assignment - it will be due Friday at the end of the hour.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • you should have two pages when you are done
  • print the two pages and put in order so yours looks like a pizza menu
  • you are NOT required to have a watermark, but it is ok to include one (if you don't know how to do this or haven't added one yet I would recommend you don't include it)
  • don't forget to include the 6 small graphic images (step 7 of the inside left and right panels)
  • you'll need to have a border around each different category (step 10 of the inside left and right panels)
When you are done you might want to check to see if you have any missing assignments - if so you need to work to get them done ASAP - they are due tomorrow!  If you do not have any missing assignments you may play the typing games on the blog, work on homework from another class, or read.

Wednesday, May 14

Pizza Menu due today!

You'll have the entire hour to work on the Pizza Menu today.

There are a couple of reminders about the menu - remember to include the following:

6 images; colored text boxes around the categories; you should have 2 pages - one page will have the menu and prices, then the other page will be the front and back of the menu. 

When you get done entering the information for the menu and prices you will just move to the next page and start working on the Outside Back Panel (remember that you might have part of the menu that spills over to this part - that's ok!).  The Outside Back Panel will be the left side of the second page.  Once you get done entering your information here you will then move to the right side of the second page (or to the second column of the second page) and enter the information for the Outside Front Panel. 

When you get done I would like to see you print out your two pages so you can see how this looks like a menu.  Staple the pages together and hand in the gray tray on my desk.

As a last resort, if you do not get done today you can still work on this at home or during Study Hall, lunch recess, etc. and then turn it in late.  Obviously turning it in late will not earn you full credit, but you will at least get some credit.  Also remember we have next Thursday and Friday (May 22 and 23) that we will have all class hour to work on missing work...but again if you wait until then to hand this in you will not get full credit.

Tuesday, May 13

Updated Schedule

I have updated the schedule for the rest of the year.  In terms of what you need to get done not much has changed, but originally I was not thinking I was going to be here at the beginning of this week, and that has obviously changed.

May 13 - Pizza Menu (formatting changes)
May 14 - Pizza Menu due
May 15 - Our town (with House 2 teachers)
May 16 - Our town (with House 2 teachers)
May 19 - Our town (with House 1 teachers)
May 20 - Our town (with House 1 teachers) in the morning; Olympiad in the afternoon
May 21 - Our town field trip in Geneseo
May 22 - work day - get any missing work submitted
May 23 - work day - get any missing work submitted; LAST DAY ANY ASSIGNMENTS MAY BE SUBMITTED FOR COMPUTER APPLICATIONS!!!

May 27 - regular day of school
May 28 - 1/2 day of school (watch video)
May 29 - 1/2 day of school (last student attendance day)

Thursday, May 8

Vocab Quiz 10; Pizza menu

As is the normal procedure on vocab quiz day you will be given several minutes to review for the vocab quiz.  You will not go to Classmarker until told to do so.

Once you complete the quiz you will have the rest of the hour to work on the pizza menu.  A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. The set of sheets you were given yesterday is the same set you should be using today (you were told that yesterday).  Use it to keep notes, write on, mark off steps you've completed, etc.  Bring it to class and take it with you when you leave.
  2. Go through the instructions in order.  You will be much better off if you do!  Step #6 on page 2 is where you will start entering your information (the pizza menu item and prices).
  3. Save to your Google Drive or to a flash drive frequently!  
  4. Read all of the instruction before you work on doing what it tells you.  Many of you read the first sentence, or just the first part of a sentence, and then start doing something.  This causes you to leave something out at the end of an instruction or sentence that may be important for a future step.

Flash video; Design a Pizza Menu formatting activity

Here is the last video of the year:


After watching the video we will begin working on our last formatting activity.  I will spend some time today explaining the formatting activity - I actually have one part that I need to show you how to do.  Once I get done going through the activity you will be able to begin.  This will be due next week.

Pizza Menu Design.pdf

Wednesday, May 7

Java video; finish Funspots Excel formatting activity

This video explains what Java is:


After watching the video you will have the rest of the hour to work on completing the Funspots formatting activity in Excel.  Once you complete the activity look to see if you have any missing assignments, and if you do get those completed and handed in.

If you have everything done you can either go to the practice websites, work on homework from another class, or read.

Tuesday, May 6

Photoshop video; Funspots formatting activity

The video we are going to watch today will help you to understand a little more about an amazing piece of software called Photoshop.  This is used in many different graphic design careers, and it is easily the most dynamic image editing software on the market.


After watching the video you will be working on completing the Funspots formatting activity in Excel.  You will have the entire hour to work - this will be due tomorrow.

Lastly, for those of you with vocab definitions to enter on the Wiki spaces page, that has to be done by tonight.

Monday, May 5

May schedule; Excel project beginning

I'm going to include in this blogpost the schedule for the remainder of the year.  Obviously this could change if needed; however, my hope is that with us being so close to the end of the year that we won't need to make any changes and that the rest of the year will run smoothly.

May 5 - vocab video, Excel project beginning (Homework - post any definitions to Wiki spaces)
May 6 - vocab video, Excel project work (Homework - post any definitions to Wiki spaces)
May 7 - vocab video, Excel project due (Mr. Pardoe gone 6th hour due to Medieval Times Feast)
May 8 - vocab video, final formatting activity beginning ("Design a Pizza Menu")
May 9 - Vocab quiz #10, Design a Pizza Menu work (Mr. Pardoe gone all day due to Medieval Times field trip)
May 12 - ASPIRE testing (Mr. Pardoe gone)
May 13 - Design a Pizza Menu work (Mr. Pardoe gone)
May 14 - Design a Pizza Menu due
May 15 - Our Town unit
May 16 - Our Town unit
May 19 - Our Town unit
May 20 - Our Town unit
May 21 - Our Town field trip all day
May 22 - complete missing assignments
May 23 - complete missing assignments - all assignments due by by this date!


Once we get done watching the video I will explain what you need to know in Excel for the formatting activity, which is a business called Funspots and their monthly admission ticket sales activity that you need to complete. 
Funspots ticket sales.docx

Friday, May 2

Vocab Quiz #9; complete FA10

Today we will review for a few minutes at the beginning of the class, just as we normally do, before we take vocab quiz #9.

After completing the quiz you need to finish FA10 - the assignment we started yesterday on inserting clipart into Word.  Once you are done with this formatting activity you will need to submit any missing assignments that you have - that list seems to be growing fast!

Some of you also need to check your email regarding FA8 - I sent an email regarding FA8 to quite a few students as I was grading that assignment because many people only submitted half of the assignment in their email to me (you needed to attach your Word document with the movie summary and then you also needed to send me a link to your URL).

If you are all caught up you need to go to the practice websites - speed skin on your keyboard!

Thursday, May 1

Inserting Clipart into Microsoft Word

Today we are going to learn how to insert Clipart into Word. These are images that come with Word, or you can also find them online. We are going to use these to complete the next formatting activity and will be inserting them into your document.

  Activity 10.pdf