Tuesday, September 16

Learn Z and colon (left shift + R4); vocab definitions due tonight!

If you have not completed FA1 and emailed it to me then you need to get that done ASAP at the beginning of class.  If you have already completed FA1 and it has been emailed to me then you need to go to the Free Typing Game website and complete a couple of the speed tests.  Choose test #8.  These do not need to be written on the poster on the wall - just practice to see how well you can do.

Today we will learn the last letter (yay!) on the keyboard - the Z (L4); in addition we will also be learning the colon (Left Shift + R4).

Just a quick reminder for those who are responsible for vocab definitions for week 3 - your definitions must be posted to the Wikispaces page by tonight.

Monday, September 15

Finish FA1; Vocab week #3


*Learn new keys:  Z, colon (:), Caps lock key, Question mark (?), Tab key, 
*Speed Test practice
*Technique grade
*Vocab quiz #3 (list is WINDOWS)
*Formatting Activity 2

Today we will complete FA1 and submit that to me, via email, for a grade.  Before you send anything with your email we need to cover a few things regarding submitting assignments to me using your email.

  1. When you submit an assignment through your email you must include the 5 parts to a proper email (email address, subject line, greeting, body, and signature).  We've already covered this information so this should be a simple reminder.  However, if you do not have a signature in your email account you were probably gone the day we did that and you will need to create a signature (either ask a person sitting next to you or see me outside of class).
  2. When you submit an assignment to me you will need to attach a Microsoft Word file - DO NOT ATTACH A GOOGLE DOC!  Usually what happens when you attach a Google Doc is you have to give me permission to see it, and some people will forget to do that.  More importantly, some of the formatting used in Word gets lost when the document is transferred over to a Google Doc, and then when I go to grade it your document will not "look" correct.  ALWAYS ATTACH A MICROSOFT WORD FILE!!
  3. Save your formatting activities in at least two places.  My suggestion is to save them to your Google drive and to a flash drive.  DO NOT SAVE TO THE DESKTOP!!
  4. I will show you how to upload a file to your Google Drive - if you have a bad memory take notes.  This is important and it is something you need to know how to do, not just for this class but for your future in this school district as there are many teacher who will expect you to have the skill of saving a file to your drive.  You also need to know how to download a file from your drive to your computer, so we'll go over that as well.
After completing this and emailing your FA1 to me we will review by going to the websites.  What I would like for you to do first is go to the Free Typing Games website and try 3 speed tests - we're not going to record these, but let's just practice.  After doing those then you can go to any of the practice websites on the Website resources page on the blog and practice.  Make sure to keep your speed skin on the keyboard!

As a reminder this is vocab week #3, so if you are responsible for defining words for this week those need to be posted by tomorrow night (Tuesday, Sept. 16).  If you missed last week's quiz on Friday you will need to come in outside of class time and complete it.

Friday, September 12

Vocab Quiz #2 (Hardware #2); Formatting Activity #1

You'll be given a few minutes at the beginning of class to review for the quiz - you'll want to go to your Wikispaces page to do that.  Do NOT go to Classmarker until asked to do so.  As a reminder, make sure to submit your quiz answers - failure to do so will mean that you will have to come back and retake the quiz.

When you are done you will need to complete Formatting Activity 1, which is embedded below.  The instructions are given here - follow the instructions in order.  However, instead of completing steps 7 and 8 what you need to do is save your file to a flash drive. We will cover how to complete step 8 on Monday.  IF YOU DO NOT SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT TO YOUR FLASH DRIVE IT WILL BE ERASED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER NEXT WEEK!!!


If you get done you are welcome to go to the website resources page on the blog, go to the practice websites and play typing games.

Thursday, September 11

Learn Q and comma; start Formatting activity 1

We will begin today with learning the Q (L4) and the comma (R2).

Once we complete learning these two new keys we will begin the process of learning about the first formatting activity and the formatting toolbar in Word.  Because we will be working on a Formatting Activity tomorrow in class (after the vocab quiz) you will want to bring your flash drive so that you can save your work to it.

We also will spend a little bit of time today talking about how to upload a file to your Google Drive, because this will also be a procedure you will be employing frequently throughout the semester (as we work on the formatting activities).  

Lastly, don't forget that tomorrow you have a vocab quiz over the week 2 vocab words (Hardware #2).

Wednesday, September 10

Speed test; practice

We are going to spend some time today reviewing the keys we have learned so far.  After reviewing we will go to the Free Typing Games website to see how our speed is progressing.  Just like we did last time we will take 3 one minute timings and use the best score.  Remember to use the corrected speed when writing your speed on the poster.  You will need to use either test #6 or test #7.

After completing the timed writings I will have another activity for you - I'll explain it when we get to it.

Tuesday, September 9

GPS video; review all keys learned; learn P and V

We are going to start today with this video on GPS.  Again, if you have GPS as a vocab word you may want to take what they talk about here and include it with what you post on the Wikispaces page.


Today we will review all of the keys we have learned so far.

We will also learn the P (R4) and the V (L1).

Monday, September 8

Week 4; Learn M and X; router video


*Learn new keys:  M, X, P, V, Q, comma (,)
*Speed Test
*Technique grade
*Vocab quiz #2 (list is Hardware #2) - videos on router and GPS

*Formatting Activity 1 (end of the week - maybe)


After watching the video we will review from last week, then we will move onto learning the M (R1) and the X (L3).

If you have not yet posted your definitions for this week's vocabulary list you need to get that done by tomorrow night.  I would highly recommend that you get that done during lunch recess, study hall, or tonight at home so you are not scrambling at the last minute tomorrow night trying to get it done.

Friday, September 5

Learn B and Y

Today we will add the B (L1) and the Y (R1) to our arsenal of learned keys.  These are both long reaches on the keyboard, but since you are using your index fingers it should help.

After learning these two keys we will spend the rest of the hour reviewing.

Thursday, September 4

Review; Blind assignment

We will start with a review from yesterday - we had very little time to practice the right shift key at the end of the hour so we will spend some time today reviewing that key along with everything else.

Once we spend some time reviewing we will be completing our blind assignment.  This will involve 20 words - I will spell each word to you so you need not worry about being a bad speller - and we will print this out and hand it in for a grade.  I will have several other instructions that I will give you before we start.

As a reminder, if you have vocabulary words that need to be defined for next week they need to be done by next Tuesday night.  That's still plenty of time...this is just a friendly reminder to get that done.  If you want to come in here at school (outside of class time) then you are welcome to do so, just make sure you let me know when you are coming in.

Wednesday, September 3

Speed test; learn W and Right Shift Key

We are going to start by reviewing all of the keys, with a concentration on the keys we learned yesterday (the U and the C).

After reviewing we are going to take a speed test to see how fast you are keying.  This will not be for a grade, but it will give us an idea as to where you are now, and then when we do this later how much you have improved.

After the speed test we will head back to learning two new keys - the W (L4) and the Right Shift Key (R4).